Hungry? Craving for something savory and flavorful to eat?

Ever since my visit to Morocco a few year back, I’ve been craving and looking for an authentic Moroccan restaurant in LA. Many restaurants here have a few Moroccan inspired dishes but don’t actually specialize in this type of cuisine; you’ll typically see one or two Moroccan style dishes in a mediterranean restaurant. But honestly, I wanted to eat something that reminded me of my days in Morocco.

mezze plates

Back when I visited Marrakesh, circa 2010, I loved eating this country’s traditional cuisine called lamb tagine (hearty stew like cuisine cooked in a clay pot); the lamb was simmered in a stew with dates, cumin, paprika, almonds, ginger, cinnamon, olive oil, etc in a clay pot.  I also enjoyed eating all the various mezze plates (think Moroccan version of Spanish tapas).

lamb and date tagine

Fast forward to 2016, I meet a LA local chef that specializes in authentic Moroccan cuisine; his name is Ben Benameur, owner of Tagine Beverly Hills. He shares with me stories of how he grew up watching and cooking with his grandmother, who inspired him to pursue the career he has today. And what caught my attention about his cooking is that he offers low carb dishes that carry the essence of the Moroccan flavors. Therefore, his cuisine reminded me of the traditional Moroccan dishes, while maintaining the low carb lifestyle that I’ve been living.  Can you guess what Chef Ben whipped up for me?

CLICK HERE to watch the short video clip.