Are you curious about what my top 5 restaurants in Bali are? Not only does this region have delicious Indonesian cuisine, but Bali houses some of the most talented chefs from around the world. Since I first visited back in 2010, I always felt that Bali had the right balance of different flavors from the world, which may be why it caters seamlessly to millions of guests and locals each day. This island in the archipelago has it all: from authentic Balinese and Indonesian dishes to other Asian cuisines, with a dollop of European. Here’s are my Top 5 Restaurants in Bali.


Nusantara by Locavore

Indonesian | Fine Dining | Ubud

If you are looking for another top restaurant in Bali that serves authentic Indonesian cuisine, then this spot is for you. Located just across the street from the main restaurant, Locavore, Nusantara by Locavore was opened in 2017 and serves classic Indonesian dishes. Traditional Indonesian recipes from different regions of the country were brought in by the Jalan Jalan team. Since 2017, Locavore is tasked to look for more traditional ingredients in the country while Nusantara is tasked to look for traditional recipes.

Nusantara’s kitchen is being led by Balinese chef, Putu, who is committed to preserving and celebrating traditional Indonesian cuisine and give guests from around the world the authentic Indonesian food experience.

One of Nusantara’s bestsellers is the Tambus Gurita, originally from Tabanan in West Bali. Tambus Gurita is a smoked octopus dish topped with Indonesian herbs. Another favorite from the restaurant’s vegetarian selection is the traditional Pepaya Kuah Kuning, a young papaya dish cooked with chilies, ginger, and kaffir lime. You can find more dishes on their menu.

Nusantara also holds cooking classes every Tuesday and Friday, led by Chef Putu. The cooking class has two sessions: the Morning Adventure and the Full Adventure. Guests have the chance to experience cooking traditional Indonesian dishes and picking out fresh ingredients from the Payangan Market. The Morning Adventure starts at IDR 425,000 ($29.75USD), while the Full Adventure starts at IDR 725,000 ($50.76USD).

I personally loved dining here and consider it as one of the best restaurants in Ubud.  

Book your reservations here or you may call +62 3619 729 73.

Book the Morning Adventure here and Full Adventure here. There is a minimum of two guests for each class.

Hours: Lunch Tuesday to Saturday 12:00pm-2:30pm

Dinner Monday to Sunday 6:00pm-9:30pm

Dress code: Casual; Alcohol-branded clothing, singlets, and beachwear are not allowed



European-Indonesian | Fine Dining | Ubud

Locavore first opened its doors to diners in 2013, serving modern European-Indonesian cuisine using only locally-sourced ingredients. This fine-dining restaurant is considered to be one of the best restaurants in Ubud. Locavore is committed to reducing its carbon footprint by importing food and ingredients, which is why over 95% of the ingredients are Indonesian. By maintaining close relationships with local farmers and producers, chefs Ray and Eelke are able to serve dishes out of fresh produce and ethically-fed meat.

Locavore was constructed using recycled wood and the establishment reduces its energy consumption by 50% by using solar panels. The kitchen’s food waste is either used to feed pigs or composted, while the rest of the kitchen’s waste goes to Eco Bali Recycling.

 Locavore aims to preserve traditional recipes and cooking techniques amidst food industrialization in Indonesia. In 2016, Locavore launched the Jalan Jalan project with teams from the Locavore kitchen traveling around the country to bring home regional specialties and traditional recipes.

The restaurant’s menu offers a wide variety of dishes for meat lovers and vegetarians alike. A favorite for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian diners is the Singkong 17, a cassava garlic mousseline, season with 17 tasty condiments.

Book your reservations online here, or you may call +6282144956226

Hours: Lunch Tuesday to Saturday 12:00pm-2:00pm

Dinner Monday to Saturday 6:30pm-10:30pm

Dress code: Casual; Alcohol-branded clothing, singlets, and beachwear are not allowed


Kilo Bali

Asian Fusion | Fine Dining | Seminyak

Kilo is a group of restaurants that originated in Singapore. Kilo Bali became one of the first international endeavors of the company. This is one of the best restaurants in Seminyak, which opened in September 2014 and has been serving signature Singaporean dishes since. Kilo also serves specials using locally sourced ingredients. You can check out the menu HERE.

The soulful music complements the minimalist interior and modern architecture of the restaurant. One of the restaurant’s bestsellers is the hearty Cream of Ebiko Pasta, topped with smelt roe, tiger prawns, and spring onions. The BBQ Pork Rib and Seared Scallops are also must-try.

For reservations, you may register online with this LINK. Reservations are only for groups of 8 and above. Smaller groups are welcome to walk in.

Hours: Dinner 7:00pm-11:00pm

Dress code: Casual; Beachwear are not allowed


Pizza Fabbrica

Italian Pizza | Casual Dining | Canggu

I didn’t think I would ever crave an Italian pizza while traveling in South East Asia, but  Pizza Fabbrica in Canggu is a must-visit! This place is popular among locals and tourists for the restaurant’s rich and flavorful pizzas and panzerottis. Pizza Fabbrica serves fresh-from-the-oven thin-crust pizza, which is the best pizza I’ve had in Bali. The owner, Luigi, who hails from Puglia in Italy, has done an amazing job in preserving the integrity of how a pizza should be made in and outside of Italy. Even though I haven’t been back in years, I still think about flying back to Bali so I can have another slice of this pizza again.

Try out their Pizza Margherita, topped with just the right balance of sauce and cheese baked to perfection. This restaurant in Canggu Bali is perfect for solo travelers, families, and big groups.

Hours: 10:00am-midnight

Dress code: Casual


Sake No Hana Bali

Japanese | Fine Dining | Uluwatu

Sake No Hana Bali is the newest addition on the list of the best restaurants in Uluwatu Bali. Sake No Hana is a restaurant by the Hakkasan Group, the name behind the Michelin-star restaurant Hakkasan in London. Sake No Hana is located next to the luxury all-day party destination, OMNIA Dayclub, at The Cliff at Alila Villas Uluwatu in Uluwatu, Bali. The restaurant was opened in 2018 and serves classic Japanese dishes with a modern twist and authentic Japanese beverages, as well as the restaurant’s signature drinks.

The cliff-side location of the restaurant boasts a stunning view of the Indian Ocean. The restaurant was designed by Singapore-based architects of WOHA and the Rockwell Group of New York, while the interior was carefully designed by Japanese architect, Kengo Kuma.

The restaurant’s concept takes after its original branch in Mayfair, London. Enjoy a round of sushi and sashimi prepared fresh at the sushi bar or try out authentic Japanese dishes from their a la carte menu. Try their signature cocktails such as Japanese Harmony, a mix of Johnnie Walker Black Label washed in sesame oil and Balinese brem wine, added with rose water and house ginger beer, and served in a highball glass.

Every Saturday and Sunday from 8 pm onwards, the restaurant hosts Sake and Sound. Enjoy an intimate party atmosphere along with cocktails and the best tunes brought to you by Bali’s most popular DJs.

You can make a reservation via email at [email protected], via phone call at (0361) 8482 150, or message via WhatsApp +62 813 3757 2533.

Hours: Open Daily 12nn-11pm

Dress code: Smart Casual; Beachwear are not allowed

Hope you enjoyed my top 5 restaurants in Bali and let me know which one you would try first in the comments below. And feel free to reach out to me via DM on IG @dashofting with any questions.