How would you like to feel bloat-free while dining out?

Earlier this year, I was on the same quest for eating all of my favorite savory meals while I was traveling. I wanted to avoid feeling bloated and heavy. Is this even possible? The answer is Yes, and Enzymedica Digest Gold has proven to be the best anti-bloat supplement that’s worked for my body.


Travel and Food Blogger Tinger Hseih holding a bottle of Enzymedica Digest Gold while eating at an Italian restaurant


Bye Bye Bloat… Hello Enzymedica

I wanted to feel my best and comfortable while on a food and mezcal tour in Oaxaca, Mexico. So, I stopped by Rainbow Acres, a health food grocery store, where an employee in the supplement department shared with me that Enzymedica Digest Gold with ATPro was the most popular digestive supplement in the market and her personal favorite because it greatly reduced the gas in her tummy and increased her lactose tolerance. Before her suggestion, I tried papaya enzymes and another digestive enzyme by another brand, but they didn’t work for me.

It was frustrating to try another well-known brand that offers a line of digestive supplements and not feel any results after taking them consistently with my lunch and dinner for about a month; I mistakenly chose a popular healthy supplement brand that doesn’t specialize in digestive enzymes. But I’m happy that I didn’t give up and found Enzymedica Digest Gold.


What does a digestive enzyme do?

Each Digest Gold supplement contains a variety of enzymes to break down the following foods:

  • Protease breaks down proteins (i.e., steaks)
  • Lactase breaks down dairy (i.e., cheese)
  • Lipase breaks down fats (i.e., oils)
  • Cellulase breaks down fibers (i.e., vegetables and fruit)
  • Amylase breaks down starches (i.e., bread)

In addition, Digest Gold is a plant based digestive enzyme. If you are feeling bloated from any of these types of foods, visit to learn more about this supplement.

Enzymedica Digest Gold - 3 Bottle Sizes


What is the best time to take digestive enzymes?

Enzymedica Digest Gold is most effective when you take it with the first bite of your meal. I’ve also taken this in the middle or near the end of my meal when I forgot to take it at the beginning. But it’s most effective when I take it at the beginning of my meal. I do not recommend taking it at any other time. And I don’t feel the need to take it with any of my light snacks. I primarily take it for my bigger meals during lunch and dinner.


How long does it take for digestive enzymes to work?

Now that I’ve taken Enzymedica Digest Gold with ATPro for 8 months (since March 2023), I feel like it works right away to prevent me from feeling lethargic from food coma and belly bloat.

During my trip to Mexico, I initially took one supplement for lunch and one for dinner every day. I wasn’t sure how well it was working, perhaps, it was I wasn’t eating bread or pizza, but instead tacos, rice, and beans. And I know my stomach can feel bloated when I eat these gluten products. However, on the fifth day of my Oaxaca trip, I accidentally left my Enzymedica Digest Gold in my hotel room and didn’t take any digestive enzyme supplements for the entire day. By nighttime, my stomach felt a bit more extended and uncomfortable. I also felt more lethargic than usual, even though I was properly hydrated and slept 8 hours the previous night. Hopping back on my routine, I took the enzyme capsules again for lunch and dinner and didn’t feel bloated that day. If my experience resonates with you, don’t wait to feel better. Perhaps, you should give Digest Gold a try as this product may make a difference for you too.  

When it comes to any of these anti bloat supplements, I recommend giving them a few days to several weeks for them to work effectively. This process can be extremely frustrating. Again, I previously tested a couple of other brands for one month without any noticeable differences. Because Enzymedica Digest Gold worked for me, I wanted to share my experience in hopes of saving you time and energy in doing so yourself.

In my younger years, I never had digestive issues like bloating, acid reflux, and indigestion. Then about 8 years ago, I got severe food poisoning from eating undercooked pork in a touristy restaurant in Madrid, Spain. I was scared to eat meat after that. So, for six months, I was a vegetarian. I ate mostly bread and other carbs to keep me full because I didn’t know how to feel satiated from only eating vegetables. Since my six-month stint of carbo-loading, my digestion has never been the same. Although I’m no longer a vegetarian and try to minimize my simple carbohydrate intake, I still enjoy eating Italian pizzas, Chinese BBQ pork buns, and Mexican steak burritos. When taking Enzymedica’s Digest Gold with these meals, I don’t feel heavy, bloated, or lethargic afterward.


Enzymedica Reviews:

Here are a few reviews I found on Amazon that echo the sentiment of my experience in taking this plant-based digestive enzyme supplement:

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Have those reviews also been helpful? Black Friday is just around the corner (Nov 24-26, 2023). It’s the perfect opportunity to try Digest Gold at a 20% discount during this time. Use Amazon code: 05dashofting for an additional 5% off. Although the 250-capsule option is the best value, I initially started with the 45-capsule bottle, which you can find in my Amazon Storefront.

You can purchase Enzymedica’s Digest Gold on its website. Use code DASHOFTING25 for 25% off all products, with multiple orders and no expiration date. And for those who are in the UK, you can purchase products on Enzymedica’s UK site or via iHerb.


Is Digest Gold Worth It?

Yes! Ever since discovering Enzymedica Digest Gold, I feel more comfortable dining out and eating simple carbs and heavy meats. I still do my best to practice portion control while dining out for fun or for my job as a travel and food creator. Life’s too short to feel uncomfortable after every meal. If you’re ready to dine without worry, give Digest Gold a try and start your journey toward better digestive health.