Here are the product discount codes for some of my favorites brands that I’ve previously collaborated or discovered on my own. I have tried all of these products and continue to use them. As an incentive to try them, I’ve asked the brands to provide us with a discount code for you to use. 

Thanks for checking out this page. Some of these affiliate links help to monetarily support this blog and ALL of these links provide you with savings. I love you and always want to hook up my fam!

25% off Sitewide Products


Digest Gold with ATPro – When taking this digestive enzyme, I’ve noticed that my bloating, from eating simple carbs like slices of bread and pizza, has gone away or has been greatly reduced. I do, personally, only take this supplement with larger meals or heavy snacking, and noticed a big difference in how I feel after eating. This supplement has helped my other friends reduce bloat when eating dairy as well.

You can also use this code to purchase other products on the Enzymedica site as well. As I test out other products, I will update my list.

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Amazon Store

Sharing some of my favorite food, kitchenware or filming equipment. Some of these items include:

  • Lower carb or keto-friendly snacks on the go (chips, bars)
  • Low carb ingredients to easily create recipes with (low carb noodles, tortillas)
  • Air fryers at various price points and sizes
  • Portable filming gear (tripod, mics, etc)
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Primal Kitchen
10% of all products

Code: TINGER10

Avocado Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil – I use these whenever I cook

Ketchup (organic and no added sugar)

algenist logo

20% off all products

Code: TINGER20

Genius Sleeping Collagen (ideal for dry skin and airplane rides to keep your face dewy and moisturized)

Genius Liquid Collagen (feels like a light gel that absorbs quickly into the skin)

Genius Liquid Collagen Lip (makes for a kissable pout like a lip gloss but is light and absorbs into the lips. No strong odor with a hint of sweetness in taste)

**All products are vegan

Rescue Skin
10% off all products

Code: dashofting

Serum – This product uses stem cell technology to support skin rejuvenation and has personally smoothed out my skin and lightened my age spots (from sun damage) without bleaching. Since my skin is very sensitive, this product DID NOT irritate my skin and feels light in texture.