Sometimes drinking plain water can be so boring. So here are the top 5 ways to make it more refreshing as if I’m on vacation minus the alcohol part:

1.  Add Lemon Slices – these will last in a water jug for a few days

2.  Add Orange Slices – same deal as the lemon slices

3.  Add Mint – 2 days max and then they start to welt

4.  Add Cucumbers – 1 to 2 days max and then it’s no bueno

5.  Add Blueberries – these will last for a few days. Most other berries disintegrate after a day.

My favorite is mixing lemon slices and mint together or orange slices and blue berries. It makes me feel like I am drinking something tropical while I’m at work.

What’s your favorite item to add in water?