Dash of Ting….. is a sprinkle of my love and passion in creating deliciously nutritious and culturally diverse dishes and providing culturally rich travel tips for my health-conscious adventure seekers.

As a former certified health coach, I have had a lot of clients ask what else they could eat aside from salad. These clients were worried that they wouldn’t be able to eat their favorite foods like Mac and Cheese, Pastas, Fish Tacos, Fried Rice, etc. I understood where they were coming from. As a huge foodie and avid traveler, I love to eat different types of international cuisines, which all taste good. But we all know aren’t so waistline-friendly. With that in mind, I started creating delicious yet healthier versions of these same comfort foods using substitutes to reduce calories, carbs, sugars or fats.

It’s such an incredible feeling to show my clients, friends, and family that eating healthy can still be an enjoyable experience. As for me, I feel lucky enough to combine my three favorite passions: food, travel and healthy eating to create a community that supports each other in living a healthier, yet indulgent, lifestyle.

I hope you enjoy eating these from recipes as much as I’ve enjoyed creating them.

Always sending my love and positive vibes!

~ Tinger